Protecting Paper Belongings From Moisture When In Long-Term Storage


If you are going to be leaving your home town for an extended time period, and you currently rent an apartment, chances are you are going to need to find a place to house your personal belongings during your absence. Stacks of paper documents, books, newspapers, and magazines are prone to damage if they become exposed to conditions where moisture is present. For this reason, steps will need to be taken to properly protect your paper items so they do not become ruined while you are away. Here are some tips you can try to help in keeping your paper treasures free from damage so you can retrieve them for use again when you return to rent a new apartment.

Use The Right Containers To Keep Items Safe

Paper items should be contained in enclosures where they will not be likely to be victim of a moisture problem. Acid-free boxes will work well at protecting the pages of books and other printed items. To help in keeping your items protected even more, consider placing each box inside of a large plastic bag. Tie the flaps shut to keep water from being able to saturate the items inside. Plastic storage containers will also keep your items safe from moisture. Tape the lids onto each container to seal moisture out of each bin.

Place Your Paper Items Away From Cement Flooring

If you place your items inside of a storage unit at a facility like Lockwood Brothers Inc, the floor will be prone to moisture accumulation on days where humidity levels rise. It is a good idea to rent a climate-controlled unit to minimize the chance of moisture inside of the area. Place bins or boxes on a shelving unit or position pallets on the floor, and use them to raise your containers away from the floor altogether to further protect your paper belongings.

Help In Keeping Humidity Levels Down

In addition to using a climate-controlled storage unit, you can add some moisture-grabbing agents inside of the space to keep humidity levels down. Place a few small cardboard boxes full of clay litter inside of the enclosed space. Cat litter will remove moisture from the air quite effectively. If possible, have a friend or relative check on the boxes every few weeks. When the litter appears to be clumpy, the boxes can be disposed of, and new ones with new litter can be set in your storage area. Cedar mulch will also work at moisture retention.


16 March 2017

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