3 Tips For Keeping Your Package Secure When Using Air Freight


Air freight is a very reliable way to ship your items, especially overseas. Here are three tips to keep in mind in order to ensure that your items make it to their final destination unharmed.

#1 Don't Skimp On Packaging Supplies

When shipping something via air fright overseas, your package is going to be handled a lot, as it is put on a truck, to the airport, onto the plane, and then onto some other vehicle, before it reaches its final destination. With all of this handling and movement, you really want to make sure that your package does not move around at all. 

You may want to put your package inside of a smaller box so that the package is really snug, and then put that smaller box inside of a slightly larger box. You should fill the larger box with packing peanuts or air bubbles to keep the smaller package from moving around. Keeping the package in place and limiting movement, along with providing two layers of boxes, is a great way to increase the security of your package.

#2 Use Strong Tape

Next, you want to make sure that you use strong tape when shipping a package with air freight. You are going to want to use waterproof tape that will not break down if it encounters any moisture in the transportation process. 

Make sure that you put at least three layers of tape on all seams of your package. Put the tape down the middle of the seam, and then on the left and right side of the seam. It may feel like you are overdoing it, but the last thing you want to have happen to your package in transit is for it to open up and for the contents to get damaged. 

#3 Clearly Label Your Package

Finally, it is really important that you clearly label your package. Use a permanent market to write the return and shipping address on your package. Use large, easy to read handwriting as you write down this information. Put this information on at least two sides of the box to ensure that the information does not wear off the package. 

If there are any special instructions that you need to put on the package, once again be sure to put this information on multiple sides of the package to ensure that whomever handles the package sees this information. 

When shipping via air freight, make sure that the package will not move around, use lots of tape and clearly write the shipping address and any special instructions. Talk with a local freight brokerage for more information.


6 June 2017

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