The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Branding Your Shipping Materials


If you run a business, you may ship items out to your customer. This is becoming more common as Internet sales increase. When you ship items out to your customer, you can use plain shipping packages, such as standard white or brown boxes or padded yellow envelopes or you can use branded packaging. Branded packaging and shipping materials consist of envelopes and boxes that contain your company's name, logo, or other identifying information. If you are unsure whether you should invest in branded shipping materials, weighing the advantages and disadvantages can help you decide. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages associated with branding your shipping materials:

The Disadvantages of Branding Your Shipping Materials

  • The Cost

One of the major disadvantages to branding your shipping materials is the cost. It costs money to design a branded box, envelope or other shipping and packaging materials. It then costs more per item to purchase a box or envelope with your design on it than it does to buy plain boxes or envelopes. If your business is struggling to make ends meet or has a tight budget, this may be an expense that you simply cannot afford. 

  • Can Ruin Surprises

The other downside to branding your shipping materials is that it can ruin surprises. If you have purchased a gift for your wife's birthday, and the package is delivered when she is home, she may be able to see exactly where you shopped if the box is branded and contains the company name or logo. This may give away what the customer bought. Some customers want privacy and don't want to advertise where they were shopping. 

The Advantages of Branding Your Shipping Materials

  • Free Advertising

One of the biggest advantages to branding your shipping materials is that you get to advertise your business for free. A package goes through a lot of hands. Someone picks it up, sorts it, loads it into a truck, unloads it, sorts it again and then delivers it. Each person who touches the package may see your business name or logo. If this information is impressionable, they may check out your business later, essentially allowing you to advertise your business just by shipping a package. 

  • Increases Brand Awareness

The other benefit to branding your shipping materials is that branded shipping materials can help to increase brand awareness. When customers see your logo or business name on the box, the name is drilled into their head as they open their package. The next time they need to buy a similar item, they may remember your business name and seek you out. 

In some cases, branding your packaging is well worth the cost. In other cases, it is not. Learning the advantages and disadvantages will help you determine if your business should invest in branded packaging and shipping materials or if plain, standard ones work for you. 

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25 September 2017

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