How To Expand Product Distribution For Greater Sales And Profit


You have a great product. You are making excellent sales, but you could be doing even more. Sometimes the biggest road block to a huge profit margin is product distribution. What shipping solutions are you not using? Have you looked into them? Maybe you need to try a different approach, such as one of the following.

Contractual Partnership

Take a look at online-only retailers. What are they doing that garners them billions every year? For one, they have quite the international shipping spread. They have made contractual partnerships with shippers to do "x" amount of dollars in shipping with those companies annually. If you have not tried a partnership, figure out what a shipping company wants in exchange for helping you reach more customers nationally and internationally. If you can make a fair trade/partnership that works, do it. 

Partnerships Within Partnerships

Since most of the shipping magnates have become partners to expand shipping options, partnering with one of these shippers expands your options to the partners with whom the one shipping company already has its own partnerships. This means you can send a package to a customer part of the way by one shipping company, and then that shipping company transfers the package to the post office to finish the delivery locally. This reduces your overall costs, allowing you to expand your business and continue to conduct your shipping business through your own partnership with the original shipper.

Using the Different Means of Shipping 

By train, plane, boat, car/truck, and whatever else shippers use, you can ship goods. What are the primary means you want to use for shipping, and can you afford to ship using other means? You will have to be selective initially in how you ship things, but eventually you can expand to all other means of shipping. Partnering with certain shippers may lead to using other means a lot sooner than you expected because of the contracts your shippers have with other shipping companies. Think about your shipping company choices carefully.

Working with International Shippers

When you are finally ready to go international, you will need to communicate to other countries about sending your product(s) overseas. In some countries, certain products are banned, so you have to make sure that your product(s) will not be banned. Check the lists of products banned by other nations before arranging a meeting or teleconference with those countries to discuss shipping contracts.

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4 January 2018

Choosing Shipping Providers Carefully

If you have ever shipped items overseas, then you probably understand the importance of choosing shipping providers carefully. In addition to potentially making the difference between a safe delivery and a complete waste, shipping providers can also offer you added benefits, such as shipping confirmation. I have been around the shipping industry for a long time, and I have learned what options you should spring for. Check out this blog for information about shipping, including ways to save money, tips for packing boxes, and ways to speed up the delivery process. This information might help you to make someone else's day a little more special.