Seven Important Shipping Materials You May Need To Send Out Products


It's important to stay adequately stocked up on shipping supplies if shipping out product is an important part of everyday operations for your company. It's also important to optimize your shipping procedures and make sure that product is protected during shipping so that it arrives to your customer in perfect condition.

The following are seven important shipping materials you may need to stay constantly stocked up on to prevent shipping delays and ensure that your shipping procedures are as effective and efficient as possible:


Boxes are of course one of the biggest necessities for shipping procedures. If you are shipping items of a variety of different weights, you should have different sized boxes available to you.

You can put items that are more dense in smaller boxes and items that are lighter in bigger boxes. Try to keep your boxes that are ready to be shipped out as light as possible so that one employee can handle them independently and safely. 


It's important to have marking pens available so that boxes to be shipped out can be clearly labeled in terms of where they need to go and what they contain. It's also important to mark boxes that contain fragile items to prevent damage both at your warehouse and en route to the product's destination. 


The easiest way to handle shipping needs is to have portable label printers employees can use to generate shipping labels on the spot.

Packing tape

Your employees will be able to handle packing tape most efficiently with quality packing tape dispensers that make closing up boxes a quick and easy task.

Bubble wrap

Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or some other type of material that will provide cushioning like packing peanuts or packing paper.

Plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is a good shipping material if you need to keep moving parts in place while items are being shipped. Plastic wrap can hold drawers, doors, and other moving parts in position so that items don't move around and become damaged while being shipped. 

Plastic baggies

Certain types of item should be placed in plastic baggies to prevent them from becoming lost or difficult to keep track of in the package.

If you're shipping small parts like screws or other hardware pieces, you can keep them all together and ensure that they won't become lost with small plastic baggies that you include in packaging. Contact a company, like Huckster Packaging & Supply, for more help.


4 June 2018

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