Staying At An Amusement Park Resort This Holiday And Want To Ship Things Home? Options


Half the fun of staying at an amusement park resort over the holidays is all of the souvenirs and gifts you can buy. The trouble is, most people do not plan ahead for how they will get all of these items home again. Halfway through your stay, you realize that it is not going to all fit in the luggage you brought. The good news is that you can ship a lot of stuff home and it will be on your doorstep when you get there. Here are some of the shipping options you have to send your gifts and souvenirs home ahead of your departure from the resort. 

Ask the Resort Concierge

A lot of resorts will offer shipping and mail services for guests. This includes sending packages home or to the people you want to receive them. The only downside is that the front desk cannot provide you with boxes or envelopes. If you ask around the gift shops at the resort, the gift shops may have some boxes from unpacking shipments of shop gifts. You can reuse these boxes to send things home. Then the front desk at the resort can weigh your packages and tell you what it will cost for shipping. They print the postage and you address the shipping label at the desk. The concierge and the resort staff do the rest. 

The Nearest Post Office

You could also take a ride-sharing service to the nearest post office. Pack everything you want to send in a box you can buy at the post office. Weigh and buy postage for your package, and then hand it off to the postal workers right there. 

Shipping Pickup Services

At every resort, there is a "business center" for guests to use. It is comprised of a few desktop computers and internet service. Select a shipping company that is willing to come and pick up your packages from the resort's front desk. Then enter shipping information, estimated weight of your package, and print your shipping label from the available printer in the business center (after you enter payment, of course). You will still have to find boxes to package things, but this way you can choose which shipping company will handle your packages to get everything home from the resort. If you have to ship something really large from a resort, find out which freight services can help.

For more information, contact a local shipping service.


14 November 2019

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